Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Some More "Tarzan On Broadway "Stuff

Am awfully busy with school these few days...shoudl have a couple of new projects to post up next week (if they dont end up looking TOO embarrassing that is!)
So until then...take a look at these...

The Introduction Art On A Screen B4 The Show Starts

Jane Caught In A Giant Spider's Giant Web (This replaces the baboon chase)

Take A Bow
(NO, Tarzan & Jane arn't phosphorescent in the show, its just a bad pic!)


  1. Yeah, Hi! Kaushal, i read bout u in the animation xpress. Lucky hmmm to do it at the Sheridan, So howz it being back in Canada? Whats the animation scene there?Well u 've got one nice blog here, will be visiting often.

  2. pragati8:14 AM

    hey cuz... hows it goin?

    randomly came across your blog page when i was on google looking for a random song and saw ur name come up.. haha trust me i was so surprised!

    that tarzan preview looks like it wudve been awesome... cant believe that you were so close to phil collins.. i am so jealous!

    anyways ill definately be checkin out ur page to see how ur doin!

    take care xxxxxx

  3. hey pragu!! i am pleasantly surprsied u dropped in too!!
    i hopw all is good with all of ya!! hope to see u soon here!


  4. Anonymous10:30 AM

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