Thursday, April 13, 2006

My "Tony" Jump!

Meet Tony...get used to him...u will be seeing a lot of him...he is the Rig we use for our human animation is my first excercise with him...A jump...and this also the first time i really understood the technical process of texturing and lighting ...or atelast begining to!
His arms were such a pain to animate...i really missed my pencil/paper!


  1. I liked it too. I would bet a buck that the flowers and grass were done with Paint Effects. Even though it is not an occlusion pass render, the soft white-grey background has that "look". I've seen a lot of commercials/ interstitials with the occlusion-pass "look" these days so I guess it's the trendy thing.

  2. Oops! I meant the above for your Enya post! Sorry. Anyways, wrt your jump, I liked it. You're going to get the requisite "not enough weight" comments from people but he had a lot of personality. He jumped like a very particular and fussy man, almost like how a dainty British gentleman would jump. Um, hope you intended it. ;)

  3. i agree tom...
    am not too happy with the recovery...i like it less eveytime i see it...the way the torso is rigged, it was really frustrting to the get the spine curves u'd want and to have them move at the pace/drag that u want...
    hopefully i should be able to handle this rig better as we do more assignments with it!

    for this jump i only kinda like the aniticipation and his "Ta-Daaa"touchdown lol:-)

  4. Anita8:09 PM

    is tony single? He's so cute....

    LOL ;)

    But he looks like he's diving & then like he's going to fall over...

    Maybe he's just a drunken Tony - in which case I am no longer interested :)

  5. hahhahaha

    stop eyeing CARTOON characters in "that" way!!


  6. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Darling K...

    It was a pleasure to be here! Almost like talking in person. Tony is adorable! Where can I see Moments??? Congratulations on the cutest blog I've come across. Lots of love, Ayeesha.