Thursday, April 06, 2006

Oh This Is Gonna Be EASY....Yeah RRRight!

How simple does that look to texture, rig etc in MAYA? Yeah, well i fell for that too when i picked that balsted doll for my FIRST CG Project.
Its killing me...forget me ,even my teacher was surprised by the challenges this DECEPTIVELY SIMPLE doll is presenting & made a tutorial out of it for everyone else!lol

Oh well..i just kinda finished working on its Texture...(for those who r not MAYA freindly, this pic below is the art i made which has to wrap around the "Model" of the doll in virtual space giving it the "Look" that i'd want).So here is the texture for this...and am working on the animation now...hope to have it done by the weekend!


  1. Looks very nice (perhaps very Kushal).....I am finding this really interesting. keep the updates coming!.... Besides... I'd be dissapointed in you if you ever chose the way that was the easiest.. ha ha

  2. Very cool! It's got a bit of an Indian flavour to the Russian babushka. Wonder why? ;)

  3. lol...thxn guys!

    but yeah..i knwo what u mena about the but of an idian look to it...but i assur eu it was not intentional!!!

    ok...back to work!

  4. It even smells like India. I love it!!!

  5. Anita8:04 PM

    HE HE HE .... glad you have to work harder .... and you wanted a simple project...

    my 'brilliantly evil plan' worked :)

  6. Anonymous10:30 AM

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