Saturday, April 29, 2006

"Blvd.Efil" Story Reel

..the timing needs to better...for things to register and all....i just had to get it done..didt it all 3 days man! it was hell....will work it all out at the kinks and more in the animation stage!
here it is anyways!


  1. Sanatan12:51 AM

    K...first of tht ws amazing..ur dark side's on fire as usual does SUCH a lot fr 1 min...totally gets u hooked and MAN does it give u a jolt in the end...more u said timimng...also i feel the mocking laughter which prompts the dude to just rip the box open needs to be worked on....seemed kinda...i dunno...too in the laughter IDEA is fine but was it really mocking enough fr him to do wat he did in the eerie circumstances...jus a thought...other than that seemed gr8 (esp considrin how fast u slapped it on) LOVE the endin....puts so much of a pre nd a possible post story...cant wait to see the next stage.....

  2. hey thnx sanatan..yes...i know what u mean...i agree. that needs work..this sound effects are all temp. i just put in what i coudl get my hands get the idea across...the final track should/would have more appropriate acting/emotion and surely that scene requires more screen time too...thanks for pointing it out and yes...also please suggest soem possibel titles...u good at it;-)

  3. Anonymous10:31 AM

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