Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Crazy! Crazy! Crazy! going insane here! its the end of tehe semester , crazy workload and everything that could go wrong,IS!
i dont even wnat to begin talking about it all here...but one of the biggest set backs has been that the day b4 i just changed my story idea for my film project...and this is AFTER i did full colour storyboards and a rough story reel for it and one day b4 they were due!!
so i guess u can begin imagine my state of mind...
anywho...this past weekend was the first time i tried using a WACOM tablet to draw digitally on the comp. it was i decided to do my entire storyboards that way...though the drawings were quite was quick and let me keep it simple and move on to the next panel...
here are a couple of panles from the now "Abandoned Movie Concept"...:-(


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