Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sssssssuper Weekend!

WOW! Had an amazing weekend...and this one of the many cool things that i did...YES! thats indeed a REAL "Ball Pyhton" on my hand!!
And dont be fooled by the smile, i was PETRIFIED! I admit i did not have the balls to have him around my neck, but i settled for the hand after MUCH hesitation (putting it mildly)!

I think the pic says it all...i dont need to post the video clip to prove he was real and how i made a fool of myslef...i will let u use ur imagination!lol

More on the Sssssssssuper Weekend to follow soon!;-)


  1. omfg!! (and kudos for shamelessly whoring your blog on msn.. j/k)

  2. language boi,language!

  3. Sanatan11:58 PM

    wow! suprising...smbdy's getting pretty brave...considerin how u react to scarry stories!

  4. haha that pic is hilarious

  5. wo wow ow !!! someone has grown up !!! by the way is that a real snake!!! :)

  6. Rashmi4:13 PM

    wow!!! Vikas n myself couldnt believe this.... in fact Vikas's exact words were "is tht my frd??"
    Ha ha... Meanwhile can u read my mail sent to you on Hotmail. Need ur advise.

  7. wow kushal... I am more than impressed!... although I'd love to get my hands on the video.... I am sure there had to be much convincing for you to do that!!!.... Where were you that prompted you to do this?

  8. Anonymous10:31 AM

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