Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lip Sync Assignment

Just finished a Lip Sync assignment with Fred (Supplied Model).
Experimenting with different textures and shaders and stuff...

....and YES,thats Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lector!

(unfortunately u dont see much of the acting in the eyes & stuff in this low res version and also the audio is a bit off after compression on YouTube it seems):-(


  1. very nice animation.... hahaha

  2. Anonymous9:45 PM


    I was loading this thing and my connection being slow this thing was not loading until it suddenly started to talk. I jerked, got scared and jumped up in my seat and nearly pushed myself to the wall wondering where that male voice was coming from.

    Lol...I dunt know if I shld credit the animation or discredit my folly.

  3. well...that would depend on who u r?!!lol :-)

  4. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Im sure u dunt wanna know so its just better u wont ask...

    But again today I tried to play this animation and again i realize its the animation. The way it starts is enuff for one to jump in the seat. Just try least i know it wasnt me now. ;-) But its scary the way it starts. I got scared again today! Thats not my fault...

  5. impressive ur profile i meant.

    i am a 20 yr old from calcutta and hav started learnin or sud i say enjoyin 2danimation for 6months now..i always wanted to do 3d but since i started learnin classical i dont wanna hold back i wanna do 2d only!!
    But the course dat i am doing ( 1yr diploma course) has 6months of 2d, n 6 months for 3d training. :(
    i wanna do 2d so can u please tell me from where can i get a layout or something to start a new 2dassingment.
    tanx in advance.
    any sort of advice wud be highly appreciated.