Sunday, May 28, 2006

In Theatres : X3(Review)

Hmmmm...i loved the first 2 X-Men movies directed by Bryan Singer. A fine balance of popcorn Summer Entertainment and beleivable Character Development leading to a very satisfying movie watching experience.
So its was very unforunate for me to find that the 3rd and supposedly the final chapter in this franchise did not do the same!
This one was strictly "OK"...there were just too many things missing...
A) Where was Nightcrawler from X2? is he not there just cause the actor could not make it back?
B) Whats with the pigeon guy..?? why was he even put in if he was not gonna be explored or developed. He seemed far more interesting than the chick running through walls!
C)The "Fur Ball"...u gotta be kidding...his presence on screen drew the most(& there where many)unrequired laughs and snickers from me! not good!
D) Phoenix...i waited the whole movie for a cool..jaw hitting the floor "Phoenix Moment"...but all i got was her floating in the air crying "save me"& everyone around her running and turning into what looked like garnulated pepper balls! Phoenix was just not FIERY enough for me!
E)And at the end,I wonder how those mutant kids will learn to hone their talents in that school with the bald kid there now sucking in all their powers! Could be quite annoying!

I know this review sounds like its coming from someone who does not know the X MEN comics too well and thats true! SO,i dunno if thats how prof Xavier ,Magnetto, Cyclops etc actually meet their end or not...but it sure did not seem convincing in the film.I mean,it seemed too forced..lets just kill peeople off or turn them into "Homosapiens" (which BTW is so simple, like pushing a button...and EUREKA! instant de-mutation!) cause we need to raise the stakes and wind up the franchise!

Cause somehow it seems the story did not demand all these deaths!and that too in such a not-so-glorious fashion!! i mean...they were such super powerful beings ...and u just put a needle in him and thats it?!
Hell,its MAGNETTO we r talking about!!!!

It was not JUST not built up enough...their death was not the pay off that was required to satisfy the script...and i am the last person to have problems with killing off primary characters!
I wish the director/writers chose to explore the very intersting concept about the cure, and the arguements for and against it rather then "lets just kill the next Xmen we can think off"!

I just hope now that Superman Returns is worth this sacrifice, cuase then i will hold Bryan Singer resposible for ruining 2 movies this summer, one by directing it and one by NOT directing!! Now, that would be a first!;-)

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