Friday, May 18, 2007

WDCC: "Delicate Dance Of Winter"

Finally , after months of searching, i got me one of these.
This is a numbered edition of ONLY 500 pieces , and hence ,is long gone and was tough to get my hand on.

Its by Kent Melton, and features the Frost Faries from The Nutcracker Suite of the 1940 Fanatsia.
The Frost Faries playfully are turning a lake into ice as a fallen autumn leaf begins to freeze over with icy goodness!

It simple but yet elegant in its delicacy and fetaures over 190 Swarovski Crystals.
Its a part of the grouping of the 3 pieces done in this series. This,"Delicate Dance Of Winter", "Celebration Of Spring", and a 3rd "Touch Of An Autumn Fairy", which i dont have...yet!


  1. This one's soooo pretti.

    :) and you're on a roll. :))

  2. Those are amazing photos. Love the overhead shot...very Ice Capades inpsired. Do you place the piece on a black background or digitally alter it?

  3. thnx!
    no i place the pieces on a black sheet !works just fine!:-)