Monday, May 21, 2007

In Theatres: "Shrek The Third" (Review)

Was not the biggest fan of the original Shrek,but it kinda grew on me over the years.Though i did think Shrek 2 was quite good. I dunno what i was xpecting from Shrek 3, but after hearing only bad things online and 43% freshness rating on RottenTomatoes, maybe i reduced my expectations.
So when i went to see it, i was pleasantly surprised.I found myself being quite entertained, and i did laugh more than just a couple of times.The designs were as ugly as Shrek stuff usually is, but had some very nice animation moments , like the Frog King dying sequence!
Am not sure if this movie "needed" to be made.Cuase Shrek 2 advanced the plot considerably from Shrek 1 but am not sure if 3 acheives the same in terms of Character deevlopment, their arcs etc etc.
All said and done, it was a fun 90min(or whatver its running time)
and it did not create any strong reactions in me (postive or negative) to write anymore about it.

And :Shrek 2 is still the best Shrek movie for me
:"Meet The Robinsons", Best Animated Movie of far
: Of the 3 major 3-quels of the summer (Spidey3,Shrek3,Pirates3), Shrek 3 is in the far


  1. Who? What? Where? When? Why? Which?

    Six questions. :D

  2. hahahah,
    nice try!

  3. Anita1:06 AM

    Keane ke videos blog pe laga na! Aur tu ne unpe 'label' nahin lagaya, massey hall, toronto aur tarik.

    Aur woh lisa gerrard wale bhi laga na youtube pe.

    Aur mere liye CD burn karna yeh sab ke videos ke.
    Accha? Taank u!