Thursday, March 09, 2006

On DVD-"Elizabethtown"

Somehow up until i picked up this DVD to rent, I did not know it was a Cameron Crowe film...had passed it off as an Orlnado Bloom romantic chick flik or something(not that anything wrong with that, no offense meant to anyone:-)).

But i was pleasantly surprised...though the performances are not great or anything, and the storytelling does meander a LOT and is a bit too slow at times...but it had some REAL nice moments and he manages to capture some very nice intimate human characteristics through some well written lines and hints of good performances, specially by Susan Sarandon (yes, she is in it too!).
And though a bit dark..i genuinely found myself laughin out loud at certain points...which is VERY rare for me!

Kristen Dunst's character, though very sweet, seems a bit exaggerated...but it works, surprisingly!
The film does a great job of capturing the randomness of life and death and teh way people deal with both.
I find that quite interesting...worth a watch!

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  1. Had seen this one long before you did. God Bless Xiangyang :) (which shuts down on June 20) :(.

    Retured from Shanghai yesterday -- with a 100 years collection of the Oscars at Yuan5 (Rs40) a piece!