Saturday, October 20, 2007

WDCC: "An Irresistible Lure"

My sculpture buying has gone down...hence the lack of updates on that front.
But the good part is, thanks to my procrastination, i got to take pics of this one with the new SLR! So much fun!:-)
On with the piece. This is another super cool piece from Peter Pan(2 this year).This one is by Tim Brcukner.
When this was announced, I was taken aback by the choice of scene to translate to sculpture! But only after i really studied the scene, i saw it was oozing with character and story.

I like the fact that there is so much happening here.Each character has his own state of mind and emotion and they all are captured so beautifully!
This is just when Hook has captured Tiger Lilly in hopes to get her to reveal Pan's whereabouts.
Hook is confident,thinking he now has Pan, unaware of his nemesis following him(Croc).
Tiger Lilly, proud as ever, determined to not break or be intimidated.
Mr.Smee (my fav)...caught in the middle of this cold war...trying to mind his own business.
And last but not the least, the Croc,ever watchful, lurches on..cant wait to get Hook between his jaws!
A spectacular piece with tons of story telling!

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