Saturday, October 27, 2007

Disney+Yashraj= "Roadside Romeo"

A few months back, Disney announced they partnering with major Bollywood production house,Yashraj films to produce Original Indian animated features under the Disney brand.Thus tapping into the LARGE untapped market of Indian animation catering to more Indian sensibilities!
"Roadside Romeo"the first production has the big bollywood voices and directed by child star turned writer/director, Jugal Hansraj.
A first look is up , and i must say..i was surprised.The animation isn't bad, though the facial animation leaves a lot to be desired, but the production standards seem miles ahead of the current state of Indian animated features (Hanuman etc)


  1. This does seem better.

    But dood you remember that movie?

    That zee production. that milind soman voice, and the jhatka malina dance? Tat tabu disaster.

    what was it called?

    If there's any sacrifice i have made in all my life, it is having sat through that movie.



  2. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Thanks for the post - very funny and kinda weird to see Saif an animated roadside...romeo? he he

    looking forward to it