Tuesday, April 03, 2007

In Theatres: "Meet The Robinsons" (Review)

What? An animated movie about time travel and NO cute fuzzy bears, lions,penguins, fishes ,rats?No burping and other gass-y gags?An animated movie which is awesome but not by PIXAR?
Obviously, such a movie cannot exist, right? WRONG!!!!!!

Meet The Robinsons was the most satisfying "DISNEY" movie since forever.Though its subject isnt really new, but it seems strangely fresh anyways!
It has a pretty complicated story line about time travel and a story set in the past present and the future.Such time lines are often very difficult to write for, but to the credit of the director and the story dept. they do so without making the ending be either obvious or contrived.
The story has heart, some cool villian animation a few really unexpected surprises, a spectacular and satisfying(which is just so rare in movies now days, animated or otherwise) ending, a fun soundtrack by the likes of Danny Elfman and Rufus Wainwright. What more can one ask for?

I liked it more than most rescent animated movies, even more than last years "Cars" which was my fav last year.
And the whole see it in "Disney Digital 3D" thing.I saw the movie in both formats. The normal and the 3D. And i have to say, 3D wins hands down.
The 3D really isnt used hear as a gimmick with things coming out at you every 33 seconds just cause they can. The 3D is used to just enhance the experience and used in a very natural way. Making the experience visually immersive. And it works amazingly well. Makes you wanna watch ALL movies like this (am sure thats gonna happen soon , in 2 years tops).

And if you dont have enough reasons to go see it already, the 3D version plays a 1953 Donald Duck and Chip&Dale short called "Working For Peanuts" in 3D!!
OMG, traditional 2D animation looks sooooo gorgeous with those damn 3D glasses.Amazing flat multiplane-ing happening. VERY VERY cool!

I am glad to see Disney Feature Animation returning to form.So dont let a couple of bad character designs , ugly posters and misleading trailers hold u back. GO ahead and Meet The Robinsons TODAY!

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  1. The first half was so bad!