Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Oscar Predictions 2013

No matter how much I procrastinate on blogging, the Oscars never fail to bring out the blogger in me. For the first time in years, I have covered a good 90% of the nominated work. Seen all the best picture nominations ( yes, all) and most nominated performances (barring those from 'The Sessions' & 'The Master') and missed 'Moonrise Kingdom' for script. Predominantly have fallen short on these categories: documentaries (long and short), live action shorts and foreign films– predictions concerning these are purely based on 'consensus'. Hopefully will get around to seeing them over time, but not in time for more informed predictions. Winning predictions are in RED, while GREEN are the ones where I beg to differ from the 'consensus' / Academy though process. I have taken some risks with my RED votes too, like putting down the awesome Emmanuelle Riva instead of the current favourites, Jennifer Lawrence /Jessica Chastain. However my heart lies with the underdog, Naomi Watts who was totally W-O-W in The Impossible
 All in all there are 4 wins I am really passionate about this year– Anne Hathaway in Les Miz, Naomi Watts in The ImpossiblePaperman for animated short and Life of Pi for everything else! Other than that, 2012 has turned out to be somewhat disappointing year at the movies for me– and I include animated ones here too! Oh well... here are my annual predictions anyways. Let the best geek win! Happy Oscars :)

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  1. Anonymous3:39 PM

    i so want bombay jayashree to win !!