Thursday, December 04, 2008

In Print!

Excited excited excited! I never thought i would end up being a published photographer when i bought my first DSLR camera a year ago! Could be beginner's luck, but here I am with my first ever picture to be printed in a photography magazine.

Am printed in Issue 19 of JPG Mag,under the theme of Faith.You can browse the entire issue online by clicking on the page showing my pic ("Holy Shiv",the hermit with the Shiva frames in the background).
My pic appears on page#35.

You will also find there the links to see all the dazzling pics printed in the issue along with how u can purchase a hard copy or subscribe to this awesome visual publication.
(All the pics look even more spectacular in print)

The picture by itself is....

Holy Shiv (Explored #336)


  1. congratulations! can't say i'm surprised considering the rate you were improving! i remember you taking that picture:)

  2. Wow..!! Is that just a normal pic or have you used something to bring out the effects Kush?