Friday, June 22, 2007

WDCC: "DeVil On Wheels"

I was overjoyed when i located this rare limited hand numbered 500 piece release from 2004, but then it turned out to be signed by Dusty Horner (one of my fav. sculptors), made me ecstatic!My FIRST signed piece ever!

Also,this makes Cruella DeVill the only character who features TWICE in my WDC Collection. This and "Its That DeVil Woman". But who can blame me?

This piece captures her frenzied driving when she is chasing the milk truck carrying all the dalmatians in the climax of the film.I think its cool that she isn't really seated in the car.This is a high speed chase in bad weather conditions, so she is flying off the seat as she tries to maintain her balance while very unsuccessfully trying to maintain control of the car.Holding on the steering wheel with so much passion and desperation! lol
Her huge fur coat flying like a cape as the car itself is falling apart and off balance on the snow/ice covered dirt road.
The good part about this piece is, if i ever mange to break a piece or whatever,it will only add to its authenticity. There are scratches on the car, the door is falling off the hinges, the metal bumper is out of shape etc etc.


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