Friday, January 12, 2007

The Line King Indeed

Wow...guess what i ran into on YouTube!God bless YouTube...
See the late but gr8, Al Hirchfeld make an enitire piece right in front of our eyes...the process and all..damn cool!
His hand is more steady at the age of 98 than mine was when i was 18! lol is just busy with starting my new job at C.O.R.E.,...Houdini is quite the challenge to get used to...but cant wait to get animating...i have some amazingly juicy villain(sp?) scenes assigned to me! yay!
So, enjoy this little treat for now!:-)


  1. Hey! how're you feeling now? We're missing you here at work! Tell Jack I said hello! And i"M gonna steal him! hahhaha

  2. Oh, thanks for this superb video...rightly said, its a treat to watch an artist draw!