Friday, October 06, 2006

Books! Books!Books!

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This aint really a review but rather a sales pitch! I JUST got these books in the mail, so havn't really read them... but my immediate reaction to them was so strong I just had to get on and tell every Art/Animation/Film fan to do themsleves a favour and run out and grab these 2 books.
They are absolutely exploding with art and that too amazing art.Not a millimetere of a page is wasted.I have my share of Art Of...books, but not even the best Disney ones can compare to these 2 Sony Animation Art Of books. And if you thought Pixar made the best Art books nowdays, these will seriously make u reconsider.
Besides the art, they have cool guides, stickers, notes, journals, posters and all that stuff much on the lines of the Disney Keepsakes and Disney Treasures books by Robert Tieman.

These books actually justify these average movies by honouring the amazing art that went into them.It really does not matter wether u liked the movies or not, or if u prefer 2d/3d....JUST get the damn books! You SO wont regret it!

from The Art & Making of Monster House

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