Friday, August 04, 2006

"Blvd.Efil"Scene 11 Rough Animation

YAY! I just warapped the animation last night! 10 days to go and have to come up with the look , enviorment, lighting, rendering etc etc!
This is the rough animation for the last scene i just finished...the camera is temp..not the final angles and moves.


  1. Thats some wicked stuff you got happening there dude!


  2. kinda weird and evil !!

  3. Sanatan12:41 PM


    seems to be coming along gr8! k two things, i felt it might feel right to give the box a bit of a strech nd squashy feel to when the guy tugs at it since its supposed to be an organic...i eating creature thingee ;)...also i ws comparing the storyboarded version u had put up earlier with this. Though i'm sure once the angles come in this concern of mine wud be mute, but jus felt id point out tht i REALLY liked the really SUDDEN aspect of the gobling up of the guy in the boards earlier. In this version he has a reaction..nd its not as snappy...that one really made me jump back nd exclaim out loud coz it just HITS u. wat say?

  4. Ryan Rodrigues7:05 PM

    Hey! Long time. Been travelling a bit.

    Neat stuff you got there. A lay man's observation... but the boy's expressions seem lightly controlled or a tad bit exaggerated in parts and pieces. You know better :)

    I was in Hyd the other day. Kushal boy, you need to be in India.

    You've surely heard of Crest... the 24 crore company, 350 employee thing -- into 3d animation. Its sales fell last quarter (apparently, a few customers backed out because the promoters tom tommed around about a project).

    But now I've come across this company, DQ. These guys have been so quiet, for so freakin' long. This is already a 2,500 animators, 46 crore sales animation company in Hyd. (Disney and Pixar each have about 700 people).

    Yea, DQ doesn't do pre and post-prod work, but its (2,500!) people... riggers, animators, and one director for every 75 animators. About 1,100 people on 2d projects, the rest 3d. (Net profit's low -- about 5 per cent of turnover -- but sales are shooting, Rs80 crore by December! And by then, they'll have 4,500 animators. By next year end the target is 6,000!).

    These guys traditionally brought directors in from companies around the globe -- 75 firangs here -- and get work done at a third the price. Production of Mickey's Clubhouse, the series, is made entirely here. But now sixty per cent of direction is done inhouse.

    I can't name the movies being made, but... serious, these are some of the biggest names in business! (Sony Pictures, Disney, Nickelodeon, Marvel, Mikido, BBC, et al).

    Not to mention all asset development (not programming) for some of the best gaming companies in the world (again I'm so so tempted to use customer names... they actually have buildings dedicated to single customers).

    And there's IP too... 12 tv series, three movies. The B&W cartoon film Rennaisance has a DQ hand. (Not large, because these guys bought a minority stake in Method Films, the french company when the movie was nearly done). Now they are looking for stakes in Spanish and British companies.

    I forget whose strategy this is -- GM or Walmart -- where you buy small stakes throughout the chain.. not because you want business in that sector... but because you can streamline some processes.. to bring down even further the cost of production. Thet's their plan.

    The excitement's surely all here. Yesterday the govt announced some sops for animation companies in India.

    (BTW, I can now actually tell an ex sheet, from a broadsheet :) )

    But you must get done with Canada, soon. A good season like this can't last forever. Everybody is only just starting to establish themselves. (Almost every VC I've met says the most compelling business proposition is one where several mistakes are easily forgiven by your customer).

    That's heaven for a new entrant.
    Don't miss the bus.



  5. ummm .. where have you been? wanna see more now !!