Tuesday, July 04, 2006

In Theatres: Superman Returns (Review)

So how do u review a movie which u were really looking forward too...but after seeing it, u neither LOVE it enough or HATE it enough...i guess basically what am trying to say is, does not draw a very strong reaction in u.

I liked it...a few loop wholes..liked the visual fx, teh jet sequence was tres cool, however i am not sure how Lois could survive all that mid air bashing ...i guess sleeping with Superman makes u a demi -Superwoman?
Like the casting...Routh sure looks the part,dunno if he can act...i dont think he needs to in this role anyws.

Singer did mange to make Supes interesting considerng he is so goodie-goodie and lacking a sense of mystery or a darker side.
I was extremely dissppointed with the climax or the lack of it rather. Maybe thats why i walked out feeling a little short changed. What was the climax? Supes in a hospital bed?? will he live? ooooh i REALLLLLY wonder!!!?
I mean there were so many possibilities the moment he lands on that Crystal Rock thingie...but all that ends up happening is he gets bashed and stabbed & left for dead like in any alley way in any gangster movie set in a NYC-esque city!
Come on..this is SUPERMAN!

Also, i wish the kid was exploited a bit more too...he coudl have been an amazing part of the cilmax.He just seems to be in the worng movie for most of the time...staring at people as if he was in The Omen or something!?
The only reason i think he was just used as a tease & the movie was so restrained/loose ended in soooo many ways is, that proabbly this is just a set up for a trilogy or something. But even then...i wanted to be knocked out, and that didnt happen!

I like some of the nostalgic stuff like ,the nod to Reeve with the final closing shot of Superman smiling at the camera before he exits ,the very satisfying use of teh JW theme & cues mixed with new material, the design of the Opening Credits etc etc.
Liked Spacey enough to want to see more of him...and the canible dog was a surprise touch!


  1. Anonymous8:51 PM

    If sleeping with a superman makes one demi superwoman then all women shld be superwomen coz all men think they r super....if I have the men rite! and also in that case all women with multiple partners wud be helluva supress -women! ;-) is that wat u were implying kushal?


  2. Anonymous9:03 PM


    sorry that was me the same one who jumped at yur "jack in the box" video